If you would like one or more of the images on this site for your home or office wall, email Sue at or call her at 970-948-9489. All of the color and black and white pictures (excluding the Vintage images)you have seen on this site, as well as photographs from our vast image collection, are available as signed archival pigment prints in a variety of sizes.

  • 8ix10" signed archival print $48.00
  • 9'x12.5" signed archival print $68.00
  • 11" x 14' signed archival print $92.00
  • 16'x 20' signed archival print $178.00
  • 20' x 24' signed archival print $272.00
  • 24'x 30' signed archival print $400.00

Allow 2 days for shipment via USPS. Payment by check or Pay Pal. Add $15 for USPS postage or $40 for Federal Express.


A limited number of Dick's books are still available. Email him at or call him at 970-948-8555. Where War Lives: A Photographic Journal from Vietnam $14.95 Golfers $27.95 The PGA TOUR: A Look Behind the Scenes $27.95

Add $10 for shipping and handling.

Stock Photography

Most of the images on the site, as well as images from the many different subjects represented in our collection are available as stock photographs. Please contact Sue at or call her at 970-948-9489.

Please reference your selection(s) by the title of the image, located bottom right and called "IMAGE INFO'

All prices are subject to change. Stated prices valid through June 30, 2012.